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Agnès Cade and Henri Gaussen are passionate vintners. They study the soil and the subsoil in order to plant the appropriate vines. Henri looks after the vines as a father would look after his family. As soon as the leaves fall in Winter, they prune the vines , differently, depending on age.

In  Spring, there is no lack of work as the vines are growing. So, it is necessary  to tie up, thin out ( i.e. remove useless branches ), clip the tops, plough ( to avoid the competition with weeds ),strip the fruit.

In Summer, when the vine lignifies, the bunches of grapes change colour and the shoots become woody.

In Autumn, the vine harvest is the busiest time, coming at the end of a year’s work. The grapes must be ripe (sufficiently sweet to allow for the minimal alcohol content permitted ), since chaptalization is forbidden.

The varieties are picked and sorted by hand, each separately, depending on maturity.


The Work