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Our Wines

White wine from the Château de la Noblesse can accompany a simply – prepared delicate fish dish, but also a Bouillabaisse (a Provençal fish dish). You can appreciate it with goat or ewe cheese. It goes perfectly with chocolate cake or can be served for an apéritif with friends.

Rosé wine from the Château de la Noblesse, with its spicy taste can accompany highly – seasoned dishes (Asian, Mediterranean and others containing garlic, saffron, spices in general), sweet and savoury dishes.

The rosé wine will be the focal point of a Summer barbecue. It is also a Winter wine accompanying meat and fish cooked in a light sauce. It is a pleasant wine for all seasons.

Red wine from the Château de la Noblesse :

When young, it it is perfect with white meats, later on it is perfect with red meat (roast beef), or with soft cheeses. When it has aged somewhat, 7 to 10 years, it can accompany game, marinated or stewed meat. You should open the bottle 1 to 3 hours before sampling.

Warning :  Alcohol  is  dangerous  to  health.  Drink  with  moderation !