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The  Soil

The Château de la Noblesse extends continuously over approximately 14 hectares, exposed to the rising sun. The soil is clayey and chalky (the origin of the name of the communal road), which means that the soil must be worked at the right time. (The soil must not be too wet as it will stick to the implements, nor too dry or it will become rock hard.) It is necessary to plough frequently in Summer, otherwise there is too much evaporation from the cracks in the earth due to its retractation.

For black grapes with green pulp, the plants consist mainly of :

For green grapes, the vines are :


Situated in the basin of Le Beausset, we benefit from a maximum of sunshine with very little rain, which means that the vintners must work the soil or remove some of the grapes at the beginning of Summer (green or unripe grape harvest), in order to prevent the vines from suffering and to enable them to bring their grapes to maturity.

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Stocked, for 18 months minimum, in barrels in the 18th century vaulted cellar of the Château de la Noblesse. The red wines mature very well. They can  remain in your temperate cellar for several years.