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The  red  wine of  the  new  vintage  is  tended, for 18 months minimum, in barrels in the 18th  century vaulted  cellar  of  the  Château de la Noblesse.  The  red  wines  mature  very  well.  They  can   remain  in your  temperate  cellar for several years.  


Agnès  has  deliberately  chosen  the  « bordelaise evolution » for bottling, since the weight in glass is greater than that  of the «bordelaise  lourde» by 20 – 25%.

Some  years,  when  there are two different vintages of red wine alone, the latter is named « Pignatel »  in hommage to Agnès’ grandmother, Marie-Jeanne Pignatel.

On sale on the estate, there is rosé wine, white wine of the year and red wines of different vintages (4 minimum), which will  allow you to have wines ready to be drunk and sampled or younger wines, to be looked after by you.

The red wines improve with time, they have flavours of liquorice, morello cherry and blackcurrant.  After 10 years of good keeping they have the fragrance of leather, undergrowth, liquorice, truffles, venison.